What to Do When Your Key Breaks in Your Lock or Ignition

February 28, 2015

One of the worst feelings in the world is placing your key into the ignition of your vehicle, turning the ignition forward, and then pulling the key away and realizing it broke off in the ignition.

Well, it’s not the worst feeling in the world. But it’s certainly a setback.

Fortunately, if you know what to do when you run into trouble, it can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration!

Call a Locksmith

In a perfect world, your key wouldn’t break off in the ignition, or it would be an easy problem to fix – as simple as just plucking it out of the ignition and using your spare key (you do have a spare, right?) to start your car. Unfortunately, the reality of often much more complicated than this, especially if you’re caught out and about and left standing in the cold wondering how on earth you’re going to get home.

The best thing to do in this kind of situation is call a locksmith. Chicago has many 24 hour locksmiths to choose from, including Omega Locksmith.

If you choose the right locksmith, you won’t be waiting longer than 30 minutes for them to arrive. Locksmith professionals at Omega Locksmith are available 24 hours a day and promise 30 minute response times throughout the city. This means that you won’t be stuck out dreary weather for too long, nor will you have you entire day derailed and ruined thanks to one minor incident. Omega Locksmith has years of experience serving the people of Chicago quickly and professionally in these kinds of situation.

Additionally, Omega Locksmith can also help if you don’t have a replacement key. Not all auto locksmiths have the proper equipment, experience, and expertise that allows them to manufacture more advanced auto keys, such as transponder chip keys. If you need a key made, you want to be sure to check with the locksmith to make sure they are able to do the job before they arrive on the job site.

Ultimately, removing a broken key is rarely easy. Usually, the key is stuck deep inside. If you attempt to fish or manipulate the key remnants out of the lock or ignition by yourself, you could easily cause further damage to the vehicle that could result in more expensive repairs, like lock or ignition replacement.

Consider calling a locksmith to increase your chances of success. Omega Locksmith is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 30 minutes or less.


Top 6 Easiest Ways to Avoid Car Theft

February 14, 2015

Did you just park your car in a sketchy parking lot? Feeling nervous about those people across the parking lot watching you park?

Car theft is one of America’s most common crimes. But that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to the fact.

Instead, pay attention to the following 6 tips and you can significantly reduce your risk of losing your vehicle:

6) Choose the Right Parking Spot


Many people substantially increase their risks of vehicle theft simply by parking in the wrong spot. Avoid parking lots that have excessive graffiti: it could indicate a serious lack of security.

Other important tips include choosing a well-lit corner of the lot as close to the building – or a public space – as possible.

Another valuable tip is to picture what the parking lot will look like when you return to your vehicle. A parking lot that looks friendly and safe during the day could turn pitch black and dangerous at night.

5) Install an Anti-Theft System

Insurance companies will often reward you for installing an anti-theft system on your vehicle. Popular anti-theft systems include a two-way car alarm: these alarms send one alarm to the owner of the vehicle and another to the vehicle itself (car thieves always know how to turn off the vehicle alarms).

You can also take things a step further and get a vehicle immobilizer to prevent thieves from starting or moving your car.

4) Remove All Valuables from Sight

Okay, this tip is obvious: don’t give thieves a reason to break into your car. If they see a Louis Vuitton handbag in the backseat and a nice GPS unit on the front dash, you’re basically asking for your car to be broken into. Remove all valuables from sight. Put them under blankets or tuck them firmly under the car seats. Better yet – remove all valuables from your vehicle and carry them with you.

3) Avoid Attaching Replacement Keys to your Vehicle

Oh, you keep a spare key above your car’s wheel? How unique. A lot of drivers do this: and a lot of car thieves know exactly where to look.

No hiding place is too clever for thieves to find. Keep a spare key on you or with a friend: don’t leave it on your vehicle.

2) Avoid Leaving Personal Documents in your Car

This tip is particularly important when parking a car long-term: like at the airport.

Avoid leaving your registration, insurance information, or title in your vehicle. If a thief does break into your vehicle, then they could view your home address on these documents. Then, they burglarize your home knowing that you’re on vacation or at some event without your vehicle.

1) Replace your Locks

Some older vehicles have worn-down locking systems. Or, the windows might be loose. In any case, your vehicle is at a higher risk of being stolen if the locking system looks old.

Contact a local car locksmith to replace your vehicle’s locks. Many car owners are surprised by how affordable this can be. In any case, it’s cheaper than having your car stolen.

If you’re worried about your vehicle’s security in Chicago, just turn to Omega Locksmith. For years, Omega Locksmith has helped Chicago residents stay safe with fast and reliable 24 hour locksmith services.

Outstanding Locksmith Services in Chicago

January 3, 2015

Omega Locksmith is 24 hour locksmith Chicagoa well-known and well-respected locksmith company serving the Chicago area. Omega Locksmith sends skilled professionals equipped with top of the line tools to each client to help them as quickly as possible whenever they run into a lock or key issue with their home or vehicle. As one of the premier Chicago locksmith companies, Omega Locksmith endeavors to provide efficient, affordable, and effective services to anyone needing a home or auto locksmith in the Chicago area.

Licensed and Insured

Omega Locksmith is a licensed and insured locksmith in Chicago. Omega Locksmith technicians are trained in the latest locksmith techniques and are properly equipped to handle the complexities of modern keys and locks. Whether you simply need assistance with pop-a-lock services on your vehicle or you want to improve the safety of your home or business with high-security locks, Omega Locksmith can help. Locksmiths who are not certified can actually make the situation worse, by unnecessarily drilling a lock or causing further damage to a vehicle’s locks or ignition. If the locksmith is also not insured, then the customer may have to pay for the damages themselves.

All Kinds of Keys

Omega Locksmith is also able to provide a wide variety of replacement keys, which not all locksmith companies are able to do. Modern auto keys are much more complex than the basic keys that were used in years past. While some keys, such as smart keys, can only be replaced by the vehicle’s manufacturer, other keys are able to be replicated by a locksmith with the right equipment. Transponder chip keys can often be purchased from a local locksmith at a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay at a dealership, but not all locksmiths have the proper equipment to cut and reprogram these keys. Omega Locksmith is able to help replace more complex lost or broken keys.

24/7 Assistance

Omega Locksmith also offers 24 hour emergency services. If you find yourself locked out at odd hours due to a lost or broken key, just give Omega Locksmith a call and you’ll receive a technician on-site in a marked company vehicle in as little as thirty minutes. Omega Locksmith knows that keeping customers waiting can be annoying or even dangerous and Omega Locksmith works to ensure prompt and efficient services.

If you ever find yourself locked out and feel as though you have no one to call, simply turn to Omega Locksmith. Omega Locksmith is a family-owned, Chicago company that has worked for years to build an outstanding reputation based on customer trust and satisfaction. Don’t jeopardize your safety or the security of your home or vehicle. Call Omega Locksmith at the first sign of trouble and be on your way again in a jiffy!

Professional Locksmith Services in Chicago

December 30, 2014

Chicago auto locksmithOmega Locksmith is a Chicago locksmith that provides a wide variety of locksmith services. Omega Locksmith is able to assist Chicagoans with both residential and auto locksmith issues by providing experienced and skilled professional locksmith services.

Finding yourself struggling with a locked door, lost keys, or a broken lock can be frustrating. When you know you have a reliable locksmith to call for assistance, it helps take some of the stress out of the situation. Calling a locksmith that will provide services in a timely manner will help ensure your safety by getting you back inside or behind the wheel as soon as possible. However, don’t just rely on the first number you find by searching online or thumbing through a phonebook. Some locksmith services actually outsource their jobs to untrained and unqualified professionals who may end up damaging your property even further, or who may provide shoddy results at inflated prices.

For those in the Chicago area, you can feel confident that Omega Locksmith will provide expert services and superior results. Omega Locksmith has been serving the city for years as one of the premier locksmith companies and has worked to build a reputation based on customer satisfaction. Omega Locksmith understands how aggravating (or even dangerous) lock and key trouble can be, which is why Omega Locksmith offers 24 hour emergency locksmith services all year round. With just one phone call, Omega Locksmith will have a skilled worker at your home in just half an hour to deliver fast results.

Omega Locksmith offers both residential services, such as lock installation, rekeying, or broken key removal, and auto locksmith services for many different makes and models of vehicles. Vehicle locksmith services can be tricky and not all locksmiths have the proper equipment to create or fix modern auto keys. When calling a locksmith it is always important to discuss the type of key or lock you need assistance with first so that they don’t show up unprepared or unable to help.

If you’re considering hiring a locksmith, it’s important to keep safety in mind when you’re deciding who to trust. Always check to make sure the locksmith you’re working with in licensed and insured. Be aware that the locksmith will also ask toyou’re your identification to make sure you are the rightful owner of the property before they create new keys, gain access to the property, or install any new locks. Additionally, if you’re hiring a mobile locksmith they should arrive in a marked company vehicle rather than a personal car or van.

For reliable and fast locksmith services in Chicago, there’s only one call you need to make. Call Omega Locksmith at any time of the day or night to feel confident that your property is in the best of hands.

Need an Auto Locksmith? Here’s What to Look For!

December 3, 2014

When you find yourself inChicago car locksmith need of auto locksmith, you may end up calling the first number you see trying to get assistance as quickly as possible. However, this can be a costly mistake, as there are plenty of “car locksmiths” that may offer overpriced or unprofessional services. Knowing what to look for ahead of time (or even having a locksmith’s number saved in your phone) instead of waiting until you’re panicked and locked out in the cold, can help save you money and time when you find yourself in need of car locksmith services.

To begin, it is important to check the locksmith’s license. In Illinois, all locksmiths and locksmith companies must be licensed. Upon arrival, you should request to see a copy of their locksmith license to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate professional locksmith. However, be prepared to show some identification of your own, as good locksmiths usually require some form of ID to ensure that you are the rightful owner of the car or home you are seeking access to.

You’ll also want to inquire about the legal name of the business. Some locksmith companies operate under multiple names and outsource jobs to untrained and unqualified “locksmiths”. You will want to make sure you are dealing with an actual locksmith company rather than one of these outsourcing conglomerates that are just out to make a quick buck at your expense.

Experienced locksmiths should be able to provide you with an estimate over the phone after hearing what your needs are and what equipment will be necessary to get you back into your home or auto. Double-check this bid once the locksmith arrives and before they begin service. It is always a good idea to ask about hidden labor fees, and if possible, it is best to get the estimate in writing as well. If you are asked to sign a document with a blank price line, it is possible the locksmith will inflate the cost after the fact, so always be certain that the price is locked in beforehand.

Another thing to look for is a business address that is linked to an actual storefront. If you are seeking out locksmiths ahead of time, it isn’t a bad idea to drive by the address they give you to ensure that it isn’t simply a vacant lot or abandoned storefront. Keep in mind that some locksmiths who specialize in mobile services may not have a steady address to give you, and that’s okay. In that case, however, the locksmith should arrive fully equipped in a marked service vehicle.

It’s also always a good idea to be educated on basic locksmith techniques and equipment. Knowing what kind of car key you have will help you communicate clearly with the locksmith you are looking to hire, and you won’t have to wait around only to have a locksmith show up without the required tools or programming equipment.

Finally, being prepared ahead of time can be the most helpful tool of all. When you seek out a locksmith before you need one, you will have time to read online reviews, check the legitimacy of the locksmith through various channels, and store their contact information so it is easily accessible.

For anyone seeking a locksmith in Chicago, Omega Locksmith offers 24/7 locksmith services to the city. Omega Locksmith will arrive in just thirty minutes and begin working right away to get you back into your property as soon as possible.

When Should You Call an Auto Locksmith?

November 21, 2014

When dealing with lock and key security problems, many people simply don’t think to call upon the services of a reliable locksmith. Especially when dealing with vehicles, individuals may turn to dealerships instead, which often provide repairs and replacements at much steeper costs than an independent locksmith company would be able to. While there are appropriate situations to take a car to a dealership, hiring a traditional locksmith for lock and key assistance can result in faster and less expensive results without sacrificing quality.

If you’re ever locked out…car locksmith Chicago

If you ever find yourself locked out of your vehicle, having a reliable auto locksmith to call can be a life saver. Auto locksmiths can be advantageous when you find yourself without your keys outside of normal business hours. In Chicago, Omega Locksmith provides 24 hour locksmith assistance, 7 days a week, and will arrive in just thirty minutes to help you out. By calling an auto locksmith, you can avoid costly towing fees that would be required to get your automobile to the dealership. The cost of a tow can be just as much as getting the problem completely resolved by a locksmith, and that doesn’t even factor in the labor and parts charges of the dealership! A good auto locksmith should be able to get you into your vehicle quickly and without doing any further damage to the car (which can be a risk if you try to pop the lock yourself).

If you’ve lost your keys altogether…

Losing your keys can be an irritating and expensive problem to have. Auto keys have evolved a lot in the past few decades, and gone are the days of basic keys that require a minimal amount of time and money to replicate. Modern keys use intricate electronic systems to unlock and start the car. Without an appropriately programmed key, getting back on the road can be nearly impossible. This is beneficial from a security standpoint, but can be an issue when it comes to replacing lost keys.

While not all car locksmiths are able to replicate all kinds of keys (vehicles with smart keys often require dealership assistance to replace), many are able to replace high-tech keys such as transponder chip keys. When calling a Chicago locksmith for assistance, you want to be certain they have the equipment and experience required to replace the key for your particular make and model of car. Alternatively, it may be possible for you to reprogram the transponder yourself, although you will need to check your owner’s manual to figure out exactly how to do this.

Call a Chicago locksmith and get back on the road ASAP

If you’ve lost your keys in the Chicago area, or you’ve found yourself locked out of your vehicle due to a broken key, jammed lock, or faulty ignition lock, calling a Chicago locksmith can be the most efficient and cost-effective way to get the problem taken care of. Locksmiths in Chicago, such as Omega Locksmith, can arrive on-site in a minimal amount of time to get the problem take care of quickly. Of course, whenever you’re enlisting the help of a car locksmith, you’ll want to make sure they are fully licensed and insured for your safety and the safety of your vehicle.

Modern Auto Keys

November 14, 2014

auto locksmith Chicago

Modern keys have come a long way from the formerly ubiquitous basic keys that ruled the auto world for decades. Basic keys consist of a blade with uniquely-cut grooves designed to fit a specific lock, and for decades were the standard for vehicle start and entry systems. While basic keys are inexpensive to replace, their simple form leaves cars relatively vulnerable to theft. To increase vehicle security, automobile manufacturers have come up with innovative vehicle entry systems that make duplication and unauthorized entry much more difficult.

Transponder Chip Keys

Transponder chip keys gained popularity in the mid-1990s as a more secure alternative to basic cut keys. In addition to a uniquely cut key blade, transponder chip keys also have a chip implanted into the head of the key. This chip communicates with a receiver in the vehicle’s engine. If the signal sent by the key does not match the one programmed into the receiver, the key will not be able to start the vehicle.

This helps prevent car theft, but it also makes transponder chip keys more difficult and expensive to replace. In the event of a lost transponder chip key, you will want to make sure that the locksmith you call has the necessary equipment to replace the key, as not all locksmiths are able to reprogram and replace transponder keys and key fobs. Dealerships are able to replace these keys, although they will usually charge a steeper price than a local locksmith company.

Switchblade Keys

Switchblade keys are similar to transponder chip keys in that both consist of a key blade and a pre-programmed key fob that communicates with a receiver in the vehicle that allows the engine to be started. The blades of switchblade keys are usually folded into the key fob when not in use. The blade can then be popped out with the press of a button. The parts can be replaced separately if either the key fob or the key blade is broken or damaged, which can help reduce cost.

Smart Keys

Smart keys are the latest trend among automobile manufacturers. Smart keys are bladeless automobile entry and engine starting system that communicate electronically to unlock and start the vehicle. While some smart keys must be inserted into the vehicle’s dashboard, others can communicate with antennas in the vehicle’s frame and do not need to be removed from a pocket or purse to be utilized. Many smart keys use rolling security code systems to increase the security of the vehicle. Because of the unique and variable codes associated with each key, auto theft is nearly impossible. However, smart keys are the most expensive keys to replace, as only car dealerships are able to create new replacement keys.

What to do if you lose your keys

In the event of a lost auto key, calling a local locksmith is probably your best bet. A good auto locksmith should be able to diagnose your difficulties quickly and tell you if they have the equipment necessary to create a new car key for you. If you are located in Chicago, Omega Locksmith is able to provide replacements and repairs for a wide variety of automobile keys, including transponder chip and switchblade keys. For speedy assistance at any time of the day or night, just give Omega Locksmith a call.

Locksmith Services In Chicago

September 11, 2009

Why Do You Need a Locksmith?

No one ever wants to need a locksmith but it’s almost inevitable that someday you will be in need of a locksmith that provides professional services that are both affordable and efficient. However, all locksmiths are not created equal and it is important to know what differentiates the best locksmiths from the rest.

What does a locksmith do?

Set of KeysLocksmiths are an incredibly valuable asset to help you make sure your home or auto is accessible to you and no one else. Whether you are looking for a residential locksmith to install a new lock in your home or a car locksmith to help get you into your own vehicle, locksmiths provide services that will help you make sure your property is safe and secure.

What kind of services can a locksmith offer?

A good Chicago locksmith should be able to offer you a wide range of services. Residential locksmiths can offer house key replacements; removal of broken house keys; lock rekeying; replacement locks for windows, garages, doors, or mailboxes; high-security deadbolt or mortise lock installation; door knob replacement; door viewer installation, and other services to help keep your home safe. Auto locksmiths can provide replacement keys for cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles; removal of keys from ignition; Pop-A-Lock services; automotive lock changing; key reflashing for transponder chip keys; and similar services to help make sure you have access to your vehicle.

How can hiring a locksmith save me money?

In many cases, hiring a locksmith can be an economic alternative to having your car towed to the dealership. Besides saving you expensive towing costs, locksmiths are often able to offer factory-quality replacement locks and keys at a lower cost than car dealerships.
Having proper security in your home or auto can also help safeguard you against theft and property damage. You can save yourself the hassle and headache of dealing with a break-in after the fact by preventing the whole ordeal to begin with. Don’t suffer loss or damaged property – contact a locksmith in Chicago to find out how you can ensure your own safety.

What should I look for in a locksmith?

The first thing you want to check when hiring a locksmith is their locksmith licensing. If you need a Chicago locksmith, you want to be absolutely sure you are getting a certified, licensed locksmith that provides professional and affordable services. Also, check with the locksmith to make sure they offer the services you require. Many are unable to provide specialized services, such as transponder chip key reprogramming.

If you are looking for immediate assistance outside of business hours (for example, if you find you’ve locked yourself out after a night on the town) you will want to make sure you find a 24 hour locksmith in Chicago that can arrive quickly at any time of the day or night. Not all locksmiths offer 24 hour services, so you may want to find a good locksmith to keep on standby in case you ever find yourself in a tight spot.

How to Keep from Losing Your Keys

September 3, 2009

It happens to everyone from time to time.  We all eventually lose, misplace, and forget our home, apartment keys or car keys, making ourselves locked out – usually at the most inconvenient times.  Even the renowned African American scholar, Henry Louis Gates, lost his keys, became locked out of his home, and was subsequently arrested for seemingly breaking into his own home.

Unfortunately, unlike Mr. Gates, most of us won’t end up sipping beers with President Obama when we lose our car keys or apartment keys.  For us, simply misplacing a small piece of brass can cost us a lot of time, money, and frustration when we have to hire a residential locksmith or automotive locksmith.  Here are some tips that might help you reduce your chances of losing your keys again and avoid the headache of a lockout:

• Establish a Routine:  It’s an obvious one, but it may be the most important.  Designate a place in your home, preferably just inside your front door, to deposit your keys immediately when you enter your house.  But let’s take this a step further.  You shouldn’t just assume you will do it; you should “practice” it.  Try leaving and reentering your home about ten times; depositing your house keys in their designated location each time.  This might feel silly but the trick is to forge routine pathways in your brain so you will start to do this automatically.  After enough routines, you won’t even have to remember to do it.

• Use the Same Pocket:  Establish another routine of always keeping your keys in the same pockets.  For men, you may use a pants pocket as long as you don’t keep anything else in there.  For women, don’t just throw your keys in your purse where you are likely to lose them while rifling through it searching for other things.  Designate a zipped pocket in your purse for your keys and only your keys.

• Remove Rarely Used Keys:  The fewer keys you have on your key ring the better.  Having a key ring that is exploding with house keys, apartment keys, car keys, locker keys, mailbox keys, work keys, bike keys, gate keys, piano keys, is not only intrusive and uncomfortable, but it increases the chances that you will lose them.  All those blades poking out are more likely to get caught on something and pulled out of your pocket and purse.  Also, the losses are greater since you’re losing more keys.  If you don’t use a key on at least a weekly basis, it shouldn’t be on your daily key ring.

• Do Not Share Keys:  Whether you live with your family or have roommates, it’s unwise to store your keys in the same place and share them without oversight.  This always leads to confusion when somehow all the keys are missing and no one has any idea where they all went.  This leads to a lot of finger pointing when no one wants to admit, or doesn’t even realize, that they lost their keys.  Instead, make sure everyone keeps their keys in a different place and does not take keys from someone else without permission.

• Use a Necklace or Lanyard:  If all else fails, you may just have to bite the bullet and don the key as very tacky jewelry.  You can purchase a key lanyard or make a necklace for your key so you will always be wearing it.  It may be uncomfortable and feel silly, but at least you can be sure you won’t lose your keys.

But if you do lose your keys, you can rely on Locksmith in Chicago to provide fast, inexpensive, and convenient locksmith services.  Whether you need transponder keys, duplication, security, or an emergency locksmith, Omega Locksmith can assist you.

Chicago Omega Locksmith

July 16, 2009

Do you need the services of a reliable Locksmith in Chicago? For years, Chicago Omega Locksmith has proudly served Chicago with integrity, quality and affordability. Chicago Omega Locksmith is one of the most progressive, reputable and professional locksmith companies in the Greater Chicago area. With a wide variety of services ranging from Residential, Commercial, Automotive and Emergency, Chicago Omega Locksmith is able to cover every locksmith need you may have. Once you experience the professionalism and skill of our technicians, we are sure Chicago Omega Locksmith will become your locksmith of choice
No one wants to wait for hours or days for a locksmith to show up; whether it is an emergency or not. In the event of a lock-out, you want a locksmith to arrive as quickly as possible, and open your locks immediately! The experienced locksmiths from Chicago Omega Locksmith will show up to your home, business or vehicle’s location in the Chicago area usually within approximately 30 minutes. Additionally, Chicago Omega Locksmith has courteous Customer Service Agents available to answer your call around the clock; 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Including weekends and holidays! Chicago Omega Locksmith completely committed to serving our Chicago area customers with prompt, reliable and exceptional service. Please don’t hesitate to call Chicago Omega Locksmith anytime for all of your locksmith needs, big or small.

Raising the Bar for Customer Service

You, the customer, are the number one priority to Chicago Omega Locksmith! When there are so many locksmiths to choose from in the Chicago area, why not call the company who has the best reputation for great customer service? Maintaining great long-term relationships with our customers is important to us!! Serving the locksmith needs of Chicago’s residents is why Chicago Omega Locksmith is in business, and Chicago Omega Locksmith intends to impress. That’s why all work performed is guaranteed 100%! Also, Chicago Omega Locksmith provides 24/7 customer support to the Chicago area, so your call will always be answered by a real live person. Our knowledgeable dispatchers take your call and set up a service call for you. You will never reach a machine or recording when you call Chicago Omega Locksmith. Once the technician arrives (usually within about 30 minutes), you can be confident knowing that the person entering your home to perform locksmith services is a trustworthy professional. That’s because all of our service technicians are bonded and insured.

When it comes to Locksmiths in the Chicago area, Chicago Omega Locksmith does it all, and offers the most comprehensive services. Some of the fine services offered by Chicago Omega Locksmith are: lock-outs, replacing or repairing locks, re-keys, ignition replacements, master key systems, keyless access systems, deadbolts, high security locks, automotive lock cylinders, and much, much more. The expert locksmiths at Chicago Omega Locksmith have worked on just about every type of commercial, residential and automotive lock issue you can imagine. The locksmiths are also experts at installing and servicing decorative and mortise locks for customized homes and businesses. Chicago Omega Locksmith believes in getting the job done right the first time, so our locksmiths use the most advanced equipment and have the professional know-how to provide top notch service at all times.

Chicago Omega Locksmith prides itself in providing a wide variety of products and services to the Chicago area. And since Chicago Omega Locksmith offers that 100% guarantee, you can be confident that every job will be done by the locksmiths at Chicago Omega Locksmith with expert care. If you are wondering if Chicago Omega Locksmith offers a specific lock service, call us anytime, and we can discuss lock solutions and costs with you anytime. Our expert locksmiths have experience in all different types of situations.

Quality Products

Chicago Omega Locksmith services and installs all major brands of locks including: Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Shurlok, Delta, Ilco, Kwikset, and many more. In order to guarantee the services we perform, Chicago Omega Locksmith only works with products that we trust and you can rely on for years to come. Chicago Omega Locksmith offers product support if you ever need assistance with a lock product.

Troubleshooting & Emergencies

The skilled locksmiths at Chicago Omega Locksmith can also troubleshoot any lock related questions or concerns you may have. The locksmiths at Chicago Omega Locksmith can identify and solve locksmith issues quickly and affordably. Most importantly, Chicago Omega Locksmith is available for any type of locksmith emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Yes, even on weekends and holidays! Best of all, the expert locksmiths from Chicago Omega Locksmith show up quickly to any call in the Chicago area within about 30 minutes.

Let Chicago Omega Locksmith be your first and only call for all of your locksmith needs!

Chicago Omega Locksmith serves the residential, commercial, automotive and locksmith needs for our valued customers in the Chicago area. Whether you are located near Millennium Park or Lincoln Park, Chicago Omega Locksmith is ready to help! Feel free to call 24/7. We look forward to working with you!