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What to Do When Your Key Breaks in Your Lock or Ignition

February 28, 2015

One of the worst feelings in the world is placing your key into the ignition of your vehicle, turning the ignition forward, and then pulling the key away and realizing it broke off in the ignition.

Well, it’s not the worst feeling in the world. But it’s certainly a setback.

Fortunately, if you know what to do when you run into trouble, it can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration!

Call a Locksmith

In a perfect world, your key wouldn’t break off in the ignition, or it would be an easy problem to fix – as simple as just plucking it out of the ignition and using your spare key (you do have a spare, right?) to start your car. Unfortunately, the reality of often much more complicated than this, especially if you’re caught out and about and left standing in the cold wondering how on earth you’re going to get home.

The best thing to do in this kind of situation is call a locksmith. Chicago has many 24 hour locksmiths to choose from, including Omega Locksmith.

If you choose the right locksmith, you won’t be waiting longer than 30 minutes for them to arrive. Locksmith professionals at Omega Locksmith are available 24 hours a day and promise 30 minute response times throughout the city. This means that you won’t be stuck out dreary weather for too long, nor will you have you entire day derailed and ruined thanks to one minor incident. Omega Locksmith has years of experience serving the people of Chicago quickly and professionally in these kinds of situation.

Additionally, Omega Locksmith can also help if you don’t have a replacement key. Not all auto locksmiths have the proper equipment, experience, and expertise that allows them to manufacture more advanced auto keys, such as transponder chip keys. If you need a key made, you want to be sure to check with the locksmith to make sure they are able to do the job before they arrive on the job site.

Ultimately, removing a broken key is rarely easy. Usually, the key is stuck deep inside. If you attempt to fish or manipulate the key remnants out of the lock or ignition by yourself, you could easily cause further damage to the vehicle that could result in more expensive repairs, like lock or ignition replacement.

Consider calling a locksmith to increase your chances of success. Omega Locksmith is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 30 minutes or less.

Outstanding Locksmith Services in Chicago

January 3, 2015

Omega Locksmith is 24 hour locksmith Chicagoa well-known and well-respected locksmith company serving the Chicago area. Omega Locksmith sends skilled professionals equipped with top of the line tools to each client to help them as quickly as possible whenever they run into a lock or key issue with their home or vehicle. As one of the premier Chicago locksmith companies, Omega Locksmith endeavors to provide efficient, affordable, and effective services to anyone needing a home or auto locksmith in the Chicago area.

Licensed and Insured

Omega Locksmith is a licensed and insured locksmith in Chicago. Omega Locksmith technicians are trained in the latest locksmith techniques and are properly equipped to handle the complexities of modern keys and locks. Whether you simply need assistance with pop-a-lock services on your vehicle or you want to improve the safety of your home or business with high-security locks, Omega Locksmith can help. Locksmiths who are not certified can actually make the situation worse, by unnecessarily drilling a lock or causing further damage to a vehicle’s locks or ignition. If the locksmith is also not insured, then the customer may have to pay for the damages themselves.

All Kinds of Keys

Omega Locksmith is also able to provide a wide variety of replacement keys, which not all locksmith companies are able to do. Modern auto keys are much more complex than the basic keys that were used in years past. While some keys, such as smart keys, can only be replaced by the vehicle’s manufacturer, other keys are able to be replicated by a locksmith with the right equipment. Transponder chip keys can often be purchased from a local locksmith at a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay at a dealership, but not all locksmiths have the proper equipment to cut and reprogram these keys. Omega Locksmith is able to help replace more complex lost or broken keys.

24/7 Assistance

Omega Locksmith also offers 24 hour emergency services. If you find yourself locked out at odd hours due to a lost or broken key, just give Omega Locksmith a call and you’ll receive a technician on-site in a marked company vehicle in as little as thirty minutes. Omega Locksmith knows that keeping customers waiting can be annoying or even dangerous and Omega Locksmith works to ensure prompt and efficient services.

If you ever find yourself locked out and feel as though you have no one to call, simply turn to Omega Locksmith. Omega Locksmith is a family-owned, Chicago company that has worked for years to build an outstanding reputation based on customer trust and satisfaction. Don’t jeopardize your safety or the security of your home or vehicle. Call Omega Locksmith at the first sign of trouble and be on your way again in a jiffy!

Professional Locksmith Services in Chicago

December 30, 2014

Chicago auto locksmithOmega Locksmith is a Chicago locksmith that provides a wide variety of locksmith services. Omega Locksmith is able to assist Chicagoans with both residential and auto locksmith issues by providing experienced and skilled professional locksmith services.

Finding yourself struggling with a locked door, lost keys, or a broken lock can be frustrating. When you know you have a reliable locksmith to call for assistance, it helps take some of the stress out of the situation. Calling a locksmith that will provide services in a timely manner will help ensure your safety by getting you back inside or behind the wheel as soon as possible. However, don’t just rely on the first number you find by searching online or thumbing through a phonebook. Some locksmith services actually outsource their jobs to untrained and unqualified professionals who may end up damaging your property even further, or who may provide shoddy results at inflated prices.

For those in the Chicago area, you can feel confident that Omega Locksmith will provide expert services and superior results. Omega Locksmith has been serving the city for years as one of the premier locksmith companies and has worked to build a reputation based on customer satisfaction. Omega Locksmith understands how aggravating (or even dangerous) lock and key trouble can be, which is why Omega Locksmith offers 24 hour emergency locksmith services all year round. With just one phone call, Omega Locksmith will have a skilled worker at your home in just half an hour to deliver fast results.

Omega Locksmith offers both residential services, such as lock installation, rekeying, or broken key removal, and auto locksmith services for many different makes and models of vehicles. Vehicle locksmith services can be tricky and not all locksmiths have the proper equipment to create or fix modern auto keys. When calling a locksmith it is always important to discuss the type of key or lock you need assistance with first so that they don’t show up unprepared or unable to help.

If you’re considering hiring a locksmith, it’s important to keep safety in mind when you’re deciding who to trust. Always check to make sure the locksmith you’re working with in licensed and insured. Be aware that the locksmith will also ask toyou’re your identification to make sure you are the rightful owner of the property before they create new keys, gain access to the property, or install any new locks. Additionally, if you’re hiring a mobile locksmith they should arrive in a marked company vehicle rather than a personal car or van.

For reliable and fast locksmith services in Chicago, there’s only one call you need to make. Call Omega Locksmith at any time of the day or night to feel confident that your property is in the best of hands.

Modern Auto Keys

November 14, 2014

auto locksmith Chicago

Modern keys have come a long way from the formerly ubiquitous basic keys that ruled the auto world for decades. Basic keys consist of a blade with uniquely-cut grooves designed to fit a specific lock, and for decades were the standard for vehicle start and entry systems. While basic keys are inexpensive to replace, their simple form leaves cars relatively vulnerable to theft. To increase vehicle security, automobile manufacturers have come up with innovative vehicle entry systems that make duplication and unauthorized entry much more difficult.

Transponder Chip Keys

Transponder chip keys gained popularity in the mid-1990s as a more secure alternative to basic cut keys. In addition to a uniquely cut key blade, transponder chip keys also have a chip implanted into the head of the key. This chip communicates with a receiver in the vehicle’s engine. If the signal sent by the key does not match the one programmed into the receiver, the key will not be able to start the vehicle.

This helps prevent car theft, but it also makes transponder chip keys more difficult and expensive to replace. In the event of a lost transponder chip key, you will want to make sure that the locksmith you call has the necessary equipment to replace the key, as not all locksmiths are able to reprogram and replace transponder keys and key fobs. Dealerships are able to replace these keys, although they will usually charge a steeper price than a local locksmith company.

Switchblade Keys

Switchblade keys are similar to transponder chip keys in that both consist of a key blade and a pre-programmed key fob that communicates with a receiver in the vehicle that allows the engine to be started. The blades of switchblade keys are usually folded into the key fob when not in use. The blade can then be popped out with the press of a button. The parts can be replaced separately if either the key fob or the key blade is broken or damaged, which can help reduce cost.

Smart Keys

Smart keys are the latest trend among automobile manufacturers. Smart keys are bladeless automobile entry and engine starting system that communicate electronically to unlock and start the vehicle. While some smart keys must be inserted into the vehicle’s dashboard, others can communicate with antennas in the vehicle’s frame and do not need to be removed from a pocket or purse to be utilized. Many smart keys use rolling security code systems to increase the security of the vehicle. Because of the unique and variable codes associated with each key, auto theft is nearly impossible. However, smart keys are the most expensive keys to replace, as only car dealerships are able to create new replacement keys.

What to do if you lose your keys

In the event of a lost auto key, calling a local locksmith is probably your best bet. A good auto locksmith should be able to diagnose your difficulties quickly and tell you if they have the equipment necessary to create a new car key for you. If you are located in Chicago, Omega Locksmith is able to provide replacements and repairs for a wide variety of automobile keys, including transponder chip and switchblade keys. For speedy assistance at any time of the day or night, just give Omega Locksmith a call.